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Delivery within Chicago Metropolitan Area

For our purposes, we define Chicago Metropolitan area the area within about 100 miles from our Bensenville, Illinois, location, which may include parts of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Indiana.  At this time, we are servicing this area by our own truck.  We provide curb side delivery only.  Depending on the size and quantity of the purchased doors, our reasonable delivery fees start at $119.00.

The following important limitations apply:

  • our truck will not back into the lot;
  • our driver will need assistance in unloading the doors from the truck;
  • our driver will not assist with carrying the doors once the doors are off the truck;
  • customer must have crew on site to unload the doors, we recommend to have the crew of at least four and preferably six people: the doors are very heavy;
  • customer must have authorized agent on site to inspect the doors and execute delivery acknowledgment;
  • customer shall be advised a four-hour morning (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) or afternoon (1 p.m. – 5 p.m.) delivery time period;
  • our driver exercises latitude of discretion, which may include the refusal of delivery;
  • if any of the above items are not complied with by the customer (e.g. no crew on site to unload), due to the tight schedule, our driver will not be able to wait for longer then 15 minutes, and any subsequent delivery charges shall be additional.

Shipping Rates and Methods

We presently ship within continental US via commercial carrier. Please contact our office for the shipping quote. The shipping quote normally covers the truck load (LTL or Truck Freight) shipping and packaging/crating of the product.

All orders are shipped via Truck Freight (LTL).  As part of curbside delivery, the doors will be moved to the back of the truck (the tailgate).  It is your responsibility to remove the doors from the truck, so we recommend at least 4-6 people be present when the product is delivered. Truck driver is not our employee or agent, and the driver sometimes may assist in removing the product from the truck, but they are not required to do so. Also, it is our recommendation that if your order is being delivered to a residential address or a location that does not have a loading dock, that Lift Gate service be purchased.  In-home or residential delivery and other services are provided by the truck carriers and may be purchased directly from them for additional fee (not to be confused with shipping fee). We will provide you with contact information for your carrier so that you can request and arrange for any additional delivery services that you prefer.

At the time of placing an order we will advise of the timeframe for the doors so that you know how quickly we can ship the item. Once your order ships, deliveries take between three and seven business days. If you have a rush order or need delivery option above and beyond standard delivery, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.